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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Dental Implants with Dr. Christian Yaste

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Full-mouth rehabilitation is at the center of Dr. Christian Yaste's dental philosophy. He is the founder of Ballantyne Center for Dentistry and Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry and wants general dentists to know they don't have to shy away from full-arch implants.

Dr. Yaste took many different paths on his career trajectory -- from dental school in Michigan to private practice and corporate dentistry to establishing his own cosmetic practice. A fortuitous presentation by Nobel changed the way Dr. Yaste looked at dentistry forever, but it would take almost 20 years to incorporate implants into his practice.

He shares how his first experience with full-arch implants was a disaster and how he learned to play to his strengths. More specifically, when it came to implant protocols, Dr. Yaste wanted something more streamlined, more digital, than what was available at the time and quickly realized it was something he would have to design on his own. There were many failures during that trial-and-error period, but that's how we learn, Dr. Yaste says, and without the mistakes, he would never have developed the seamless implant workflow for patients and procedures he has now.

Dr. Yaste shares this patient workflow with us, discussing the different types of patients, sedation techniques, and digital tools he uses to produce the perfect patient experience. In addition, he provides a more practical way of looking at these protocols, a procedure that will be outlined in Dr. Yaste's new book focused on full-arch implants. His guide will help even the newest dentist get comfortable with the procedures.

Because being a good dentist isn't just about the procedures or the technology. Dentists can easily learn new skill sets to expand their practice in this digital age. But, Dr. Yaste warns if your dental practice lacks core values, you'll always just be treading water. Your dental business will never take off if you don't invest in yourself and the team that works with you. When you invest in the people you work with, it becomes a joy to work with them every day. And this kind of prosperity mindset will translate into your business practice.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Dr. Yaste’s first foray into full-arch implants 2:40

  • The different types of sedation and the type Dr. Yaste prefers 9:02

  • The workflow for implant patients and procedures 18:11

  • Dr. Yaste's favorite implant material and the analogy he uses to help patients decide which to choose 36:47

  • The dental slang Dr. Yaste uses in his practice 50:00

Some Questions We Discuss

  • How did Dr. Yaste get lucky in dental school? 1:01

  • How can dentists forge a relationship with an anesthesiologist? 14:00

  • What kind of book is Dr. Yaste writing for dentists? 24:10

  • Can general dentists add full-arch implants to their practices? 32:21

  • What is Dr. Yaste’s teambuilding and training philosophy? 42:36


Connect with Dr. Yaste on LinkedIn: Dr. Christian Yaste

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