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The New Hybrid Practice Model with Dr. Eric Jones

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

In our opinion, Dr. Eric Jones is the definition of a Super GP. There is nothing he won’t do for his patients in the Atlanta-Metro area. He’s adopted a new kind of “hybrid practice” model that incorporates a wide variety of procedures and multi-practice elements.

A hybrid office is an innovative way to give your patients exactly what they need while working together with other dentists. Dr. Jones can sometimes complete ten or more different procedures in one day. He walks us through a typical day in his practice and discusses some of the differences he sees between implant patients vs. filling patients.

Dr. Jones spent the first two years of his career in a small family practice, learning how to treat people and help patients live healthier lives. We discuss how this differs from a corporate dental setting and why we need to change the way we approach dentistry that focuses more on the patient experience.

Creating the right patient experience doesn’t have to fall entirely on your shoulders. Dr. Jones recommends seeking out mentors, coaches, and other dentists who have the resources you need. This is how he sparked the idea for a hybrid dental office -- a business model where dentists work together to create a better work-life balance.

Dr. Jones works with dentists, helping them with everything from business planning to patient communication to team development and hiring the right people. He wants dentists to feel confident in their skills and their community. The idea is to break away from the corporate model and help dentists get to where they want to be while maintaining control of their practice and their business.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why Dr. Jones teamed up with an anesthesiologist at the get-go 5:20

  • The differences between working in small practices vs. corporate offices 11:11

  • Why patients prefer having all their procedures in one place 17:20

  • The real rewards of working with implant cases 23:50

  • How the hybrid model can compete with the traditional corporate model 38:50

  • What corporate dentistry looks like in the Atlanta-Metro area 41:32

Some Questions We Ask

  • How did Dr. Jones choose to become a GP? 1:11

  • What does a typical day in a hybrid office look like? 8:36

  • Does Dr. Jones love the business side of dentistry? 25:55

  • Where did Dr. Jones get the idea for a hybrid group practice? 30:33

  • What kind of training does Dr. Jones provide in his hybrid practice? 34:57

  • What’s Dr. Jones’ favorite dental slang to use around the office? 47:31

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