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Smile Analysis and How to Talk to Patients with Dr. Elaine Halley

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

At the heart of Dental Slang, we are all about communication. How we talk to patients is one of the most important elements of our practice. And now that patients can find us on social media and research everything they need to know before they even come in for treatment, it’s vital that we know how to talk to them and approach their treatment planning with care.

Dr. Elaine Halley discusses how to do just that. As a practicing dentist and the Clinical Director of a group practice with eight different locations in Scotland, Dr. Halley has experience on both sides of dentistry — as a teacher and as a student.

And she is a rare one. She loves the teaching side of things just as much as the practice, and she shares how her teachers inspired her to take an educator’s path of her own. What’s the biggest lesson Dr. Halley has learned as a teacher and a dentist? How crucial it is to invest in interpersonal skills.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How Dr. Halley got into dentistry 1:14

  • How dentistry has changed over the past ten years 12:47

  • Where to find the skills to treat patients’ overall oral health over a single tooth 23:40

  • Ways to educate patients about all of the different treatment opportunities available 28:35

  • Dr. Halley’s favorite tools and tech for educating patients 35:28

  • The dental slang Dr. Halley uses in her offices 44:58

Some Questions We Ask

  • What does a typical week of dental practice look like for Dr. Halley? 3:17

  • Which skills should we develop to become better dentists? 10:20

  • What trends has Dr. Halley seen among younger dentists? 20:25

  • What is Dr. Halley’s role as Clinical Director of a group practice? 26:00

  • What inspired Dr. Halley to write a book about smile analysis? 31:34

  • How does smile analysis influence Dr. Halley’s practice and how she talks to patients? 37:53

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