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New Perspectives in Pediatric Dentistry with Dr. Reza Ardalan

Dr. Ardalan and Dr. Phelps go way back, having gone to university at UNC-Chapel Hill and reuniting again in dental school at NOVA in Ft. Lauderdale. But they took different paths in dental school, and Dr. Reza Ardalan has become one of the premier pediatric dentists in the Carolinas.

Pediatric dentistry is the top choice among incoming dentists, but Dr. Ardalan never thought he'd end up there. He saw other dentists at school studying endodontics and tried to fit in, but it wasn't his passion. However, a pediatric practice fits his lifestyle, and we discuss some of the differences between pediatric vs. general practices that inspired Dr. Ardalan to work with children.

Talking to children is much different than speaking with parents or adult patients, and the hallmark of a pediatric dentist is their ability to communicate. It's important to get down to their level and explain the procedures in their terms, but treating kids with respect and understanding is key in Dr. Ardalan's offices.

Dr. Ardalan creates the right office experience that makes this level of communication possible. Dr. Ardalan designed spaces for children, teens, and even their parents with the intent of spoiling the whole family at the dentist's office. And while he may have always had an idea of how he wanted to treat patients when starting his practice, there were many learning experiences along the way that helped him develop the seamless workflow he has now.

To help other dentists understand this workflow, Dr. Ardalan is writing a book that goes beyond the clinical side of pediatrics. We discuss some of the communication techniques, office design, and team building Dr. Ardalan uses in his office. In addition, he shares some of the slang used in his office to help kids better understand the experience.

Experience is key, and, as dentists, it's our job to guide our patients through it so they can live healthier lives. It's time to think outside of the box and give families a new way to think about going to the dentist.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The differences between pediatric and general dentistry 9:09

  • How to work with a patient who does not want to be in the dentist’s chair 17:31

  • The importance of airways and the tongue in pediatric dentistry 29:21

  • The role orthodontics plays in a pediatric practice 34:40

Some Questions We Ask

  • What hooked Dr. Ardalan on pediatric dentistry? 5:50

  • How does Dr. Ardalan differentiate his practice from another? 12:00

  • How does Dr. Ardalan build trust with the children he treats? 25:56

  • What inspired Dr. Ardalan to write a book? 37:50

  • What slang does Dr. Ardalan use with the kids in the chair? 43:53

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