Never Be Afraid to Try Something New

Updated: Nov 17

Get ready to welcome back Dr. Amanda Seay, the cosmetic dentist who moonlights as a dental photographer. She’s releasing her new book on dental photography, See, just in time for the new year.

Dr. Seay didn’t have a solid plan after high school. She was a dancer, trained in ballet, and later a cheerleading instructor in college. Dental school wasn’t on her radar until her best friend mentioned she was going. Random moments like these are speckled throughout Dr. Seay’s incredible journey, and these random moments lead her to some really big things.

You never know who you’re going to meet in your life, or where these people might lead you. When you find inspiration in a best friend or a mentor (sometimes they can be both!), it can open up so many different doors of opportunity. Dr. Seay takes us down all the twists and turns of her career path, one she never once considered, and introduces us to all of the key people who influenced her.

The twisty journey of life reminds us that our lives can take any number of directions. However, the path forward is never easy. We can all empathize with that kind of frustration.

Dr. Seay shares some slang and words she doesn’t like, like the word “quit”. No one wants to be a quitter, but sometimes an ending is a lesson in letting go and opening yourself up to new opportunities.

If things stay the same, you’re never going to grow. One of the biggest lessons Dr. Seay learned from teaching her fellow dentists is that you have to keep learning yourself if you want to continue to teach others. From writing keynote speeches to giving hands-on photography lessons, Dr. Seay is always learning something new and improving her approach to cosmetic dentistry.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to be inspired by your best friend 2:34

  • What happens when you can’t achieve the dream you thought you wanted 14:04

  • What it’s like to build your first lecture from scratch 25:22

  • Where to find the confidence when unexpected opportunities come around 36:38

  • The non-verbal dental slang Dr. Seay uses in dental photography 42:26

Some Questions We Discuss:

  • How did Dr. Seay get into teaching? 9:39

  • How do you rally yourself after failing accreditation? 19:09

  • How did Dr. Seay and Dr. Adamo Notarantonio start ImP.R.E.S.? 30:11

  • How does dental photography continue to inspire Dr. Seay? 33:50

  • What is Dr. Seay’s new dental photography book? 38:11


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