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Implants, Online Education and Mentorship with Dr. David Little

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Dr. David Little has been working with dental implants for nearly four decades. He's seen the evolution of the processes, protocol, and tools dentists use to improve their patients' smiles and how digital technology is making it easier than ever to incorporate implants into general practice.

GPs should not be intimidated by implants, Dr. Little says. He breaks down his system for extracting, grafting, and placing implants and shares his opinion on the different media he's using with his patients. He explains his logic behind the biologics of implants and what companies he's working with to procure suitable membranes.

Dr. Little will be writing a book for GPs that will provide a more hands-on experience through video and other digital resources. He wants dentists to avoid some of the common pitfalls he fell victim to. But, most importantly, he wants dentists to continue thinking traditionally. Among all of the new technology and digital accouterments, we will still need to rely on our skills first and foremost. Technology is here to improve our workflow and make us more efficient, but it can't replace your knowledge. The traditional methods provide a strong foundation for dentists to grow in their careers and specialties.

To keep his fellow dentists inspired to learn, Dr. Little is creating an online educational studio for fellow dentists who are hungry for knowledge and want to learn new skills. In addition, there will be remote office hours with different dentists and speakers and resources dentists can share with one another. We discuss his mentorship plans and how important it is for us to continue to inspire fellow dentists as we move into the future.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How golf and dentistry meet in Dr. David Little 0:50

  • Why Dr. Little chose BioHorizon over other dental implant manufacturers 5:08

  • Step-by-step: what goes into grafting and placing dental implants 10:11

  • How to join the Dr. Little’s online education studio 19:42

  • Dr. Little’s favorite dental slang 35:06

Some Questions We Ask

  • Why does Dr. Little believe dental implants can change people's lives? 3:00

  • How does Dr. Little approach the biologics phase of implants? 7:20

  • What new book is Dr. Little writing? 15:57

  • How will dental implants continue to evolve in the future? 23:03

  • Is Dr. Little still using guides during surgery? 26:49

  • What is Little’s Boot Company? 31:20


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