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How Ortho Can Build A Multi-Practice Business with Dr. Mike Grossman

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Dr. Mike Grossman is here to give us a first-hand look at the ins and outs of being a multi-practice owner. Currently, he has 10 practices and is looking for more dentists who want to work and adapt to the multi-practice business model.

By multi-practice we also mean multi-skilled, and utilizing orthodontics is one way to expand your practice. For Dr. Grossman, having ortho in-office keeps him busy.

It’s hard to compete with the celebrity endorsements mail-order ortho companies use, but we can offer our patients something just as convenient. In addition, offering multiple services gives you a practice within your practice, one where your patients already know the dental team. And if you want to ultimately run a multi-practice business, it’s an excellent place to start.

Dr. Grossman discusses what the dynamic looks like in a multi-service, multi-practice dental office and the kind of technology dentists need if they want to start implementing ortho. If adding orthodontics to your practice is the goal, start with the proper training. Dr. Grossman recommends Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (although the straight-wire technique is his preferred method). He also offers advice on how to diagnose in ortho and where dentists can learn more about skeleto-dental diagnostics.

To help his fellow dentists learn more about ortho and gain the skills they need to become multi-practice business owners, Dr. Grossman will be launching a new Dental Movement program. The Dental Movement will educate dentists and help implement new services and systems in their offices with online and in-person training. Along with his upcoming book, Dr. Grossman hopes to bring orthodontics to the forefront of general dentistry.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How to implement orthodontics into your general practice 9:53

  • Where dentists can learn more about ortho treatments 12:37

  • What’s coming up in Dr. Grossman’s new book 15:45

  • What is the Dental Movement 19:00

  • Who makes up the team behind the Dental Movement 29:01

Some Questions We Ask

  • What is it like being a multi-practice owner? 3:59

  • What is Dr. Grossman’s biggest success as a multi-practice owner? 6:20

  • Why should you be worried about the trend of DIY orthodontics? 22:23

  • How can dentists compete with DIY and mail-order orthodontics? 27:04

  • What technology do dentists need to start practicing orthodontics? 31:42

  • What is Dr. Grossman’s favorite ortho slang? 36:38

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