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Going Digital with Dr. Andrea Shepperson

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Dental Slang is traveling all the way to New Zealand to talk to Dr. Andrea Shepperson — digitally, of course.

Dr. Shepperson is a dentist and educator who has spent much of her career building an international family of dentists. When she took a year off from school to travel the world, who would have guessed she’d create a network of dentists and mentors from all over the globe!

Digital dentistry is a big part of Dr. Shepperson’s practice. She describes her dream digital dental office for us, and walks us through the digital tools and new technology she is using in her office right now to help patients battle tooth erosion.

  • What the pandemic lockdown looks like in New Zealand 1:50

  • Why you should never stop learning as a dentist 14:04

  • How to evolve your practice style to allow for growth 20:21

  • How to use new dental technology to track tooth wear 28:00

  • How to better address and diagnose our patients in this digital age 35:10

  • The best ways to start the preventative conversation with patients 39:11

  • Dr. Shepperson’s go-to dental slang 52:53

  • What is dental school like in New Zealand? 7:23

  • What inspired Dr. Shepperson to take a year off and travel the world? 11:22

  • Who are Dr. Shepperson’s mentors? 17:37

  • What does Dr. Shepperson’s dream digital dental office look like? 31:56

  • How can dentists make treatments fit into a patient’s budget? 43:28

  • What kind of training courses are offered at Shepperson Education? 49:47


  • Learn from Dr. Andrea Shepperson’s lectures and courses:

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