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Build a Dental Community with Dr. AnnMarie Olson

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Dr. AnnMarie Olson knows a lot about change. She grew up in Austin, Texas, a city that now welcomes over 150 new residents every day, and the growth of her dental career mirrors the city's development.

Dr. Olson started in dentistry earlier than most of us, working for her orthodontist at 15. This gave her the chance to experience a dental office from front to back. So, when it came time to graduate dental school, she knew she wanted to run her own practice. She was lucky enough to start an office-sharing agreement, and she shares a bit of what she learned from working together with a friend and mentor.

Working together with her community is key to Dr. Olson's success as a dentist. She discusses how the relationships she's built over the years with different people in this field have shaped her own practice. The enrichment emphasizes this type of almost-familial collaboration she gives her team in helping them grow and develop, whether they're working for her or with her.

Dr. Olson's community is becoming a tangible reality now as she moves into a brand new office building with all of her referral partners. She can now refer her patients to endodontists and periodontists only a floor or two up rather than across town. She shares what it's like to move into a new space after over 20 years of familiarity, and we discuss what it's like to plan and design a brand new dental office.

Working with her community also inspired Dr. Olson to start a book. She tells us that only 35% of practicing dentists are women, and her experience throughout dental school and her career is similar to many other female dentists'. As someone with incredible life experiences, Dr. Olson wants to shine a light on what women really do in each position of dentistry and where dentists are going in the future as our perceptions of education and gender continue to shift.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why Dr. Olson decided to become a dentist 1:15

  • The role community and collaboration play in building a dental office 11:35

  • What inspired Dr. Olson to write a book about the female gaze in dentistry 25:17

  • How Dr. Olson re-discovered writing during the quarantine 36:25

  • The kind of dental slang Dr. Olson uses with her dental team and partners 45:15

Some Questions We Discuss

  • How does Dr. Olson keep up with a fast-growing city like Austin? 8:33

  • What is Dr. Olson doing when she isn’t practicing dentistry or writing? 17:55

  • What is the role of a “Master Gardener” vs. a “Gum Gardener”? 22:13

  • How does Dr. Olson balance the dichotomy of being a dentist? 32:20

  • What are the biggest challenges facing dental patients after COVID-19? 40:41


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