Asking Ourselves Why with Dr. Taite Anderson

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Dr. Taite Anderson is here to talk about the art of what we do. We dare you not to be inspired to look at dentistry and oral surgery a little bit differently after this conversation.

We can’t wait for Dr. Anderson’s new book — The Art of Oral Surgery — which is where this idea of dentist-as-artist really comes to life. Dr. Anderson discusses case studies and analogies he plans on using in the book and dives deep into the creative process involved in writing, organizing, and publishing a dental textbook.

For Dr. Anderson, one of the most well-balanced dentists we know, writing is an opportunity to bring his creative side into dentistry. It encourages him to practice what he preaches, he says, by forcing him to look at things differently and ask himself why: Why am I using this particular instrument? Why am I doing surgery in this order? Changing your perspective keeps the mind sharp and looking for new ways to learn, and there’s never a shortage of learning opportunities in a dental office.

Dr. Anderson admits that he can sometimes be distracted by new dental technology. He takes us through what he likes to call “off-roading” with a couple of his favorites, and shares how these moments where dentist, patient, and technology meet have inspired him to write this new book.

Lastly, digital technology takes a lot of the stress and guesswork out of what we do. This makes it easier for us as dentists, yes, but the peace of mind it brings a patient is unbeatable. Being able to simplify the complexities of oral surgery into easily digestible information is a craft in and of itself, and Dr. Anderson shares how he’s been able to do just that and more, with a little help from what he calls a “high-five” from his team.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to bring the right energy into the dental office 5:45

  • The different types of tech in Dr. Anderson’s office (and how patients react to it) 9:32

  • Why art and oral surgery go hand-in-hand 19:57

  • Why asking “why?” is important 37:00

  • When and how to use common dental slang in (and out) of the office 44:32

  • What a high-five really means in Dr. Anderson’s office 46:36

Some Questions We Ask:

  • What does a typical day of practice look like in Granger, Indiana? 2:30

  • What is Dr. Anderson’s favorite part about being a dentist? 6:40

  • How does Dr. Anderson maintain a work-life balance? 15:10

  • What inspired Dr. Anderson to write a book? 23:33

  • How does Dr. Anderson photograph the details of dental surgery? 39:40

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