Dr. William Nudera talks about the best 1-2 punch to treat the "Hot" tooth

If you’ve been avoiding endodontics in your dental career, today’s episode of The Dental Slang Podcast is for you. Dr. Bill Nudera is here to put your mind at ease about every aspect of endodontic procedures. Bill has served as a dentist in the Air Force, earned an MA in oral sciences, and has been running his own full-time practice for 20 years. In his prolific career, he’s seen (and learned) a thing or two about what not to do when treating endodontic cases.

It was Bill’s time in the Air Force that really set the foundation for his career. He was lucky enough to be stationed with another endodontist who donned the mentor’s cap and showed Bill the ropes when it came to endodontic concepts, principles and techniques. For two years, this board-certified endodontist critiqued Bill’s work, giving him the opportunity to hone his skills and become the dentist he is today.

Bill also learned how important it is to have a mentor, and now he’s paying it forward. In this episode, Bill steps into that mentoring role and shares a bit about the new technology and techniques he’s seen in the endodontic field. He’s seeing all sorts of tech advances in dentistry, from improvements in magnification and dental imaging to new dental tools and ultrasonic instruments—and he has advice on how you can learn more about these technologies.

Bill’s advice goes beyond the tech and the tools. Endodontics is a scary realm of dentistry—for dentists and patients alike—and Bill is working to change this stereotype. He became a mentor to help dentists better understand endodontics and endodontic emergencies so they can communicate better with their patients. The slang he uses in his office is centered around making even the most phobic patients feel at ease. He shares some of those words and phrases with us. There’s a method to all the madness, he says, and he breaks down his procedures and processes to help dentists become more comfortable with the world of endodontics.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

• How a sandwich convinced Bill to join the Air Force 3:15

• The most common mistakes made in endodontics 8:08

• Our favorite slang in endodontics 11:20

• All about guided root canal surgery 16:23

• How to manage the endodontic emergency happening in your office 18:15

• The slang Bill’s using in his dental office 28:33

Some Questions We Discuss:

• Why did Bill specialize in endodontics? 5:50

• What big tech changes are coming to endodontics? 12:01

• Are they teaching these new endodontics advancements in dental school? 13:25

• What can we say to patients to keep them calm about root canals? 25:00

• What are the “semantics” of the slang Bill uses with patients? 30:05

• How can you get in touch with Bill? 33:50

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