Dr. Paul Goodman talks Dental Nachos, Amigos and "Dentisting.

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Dr. Paul Goodman of Dental Nachos fame is joining us to talk about how we can all work together to create a more positive influence in the dental community. More specifically, Paul shares his strategy for engaging with fellow dentists not only online but face-to-face. Meetups are an important part of Paul’s engagement strategy, and you’ll hear why in today’s episode.

When Paul isn’t engaging with his Nacho community or speaking on his own podcast, The Dental Amigos, he's working hard at helping dentists fresh out of dental school. We all know that dental school isn’t the most positive environment to start your career, and Paul is working to change the way we learn and engage with one another that challenges this traditional education model. There are so many different ways to connect with other dentists, and Paul shares the strategies that work best for him and all the BADs, MADs, and SADs that he’s working with. 

Dentists these days need real world experience, especially when it comes to the business side of dentistry. New dentists (and Paul has his own slang for these newbies) don’t know where to begin when it comes to starting their own practice. “Dentisting”, as Paul calls it, might make sense on paper while we’re at school, but putting it into action is a whole new can of worms. To combat this, Paul brings a fresh new perspective that inspires those in the dental community to come together and learn in a way like never before.

Paul is using his lectures as well as his social media presence on Facebook to create safe spaces for fellow dentists to learn from one another. It’s a space to talk, complain, vent, learn, and maybe even pick up some new slang from each other. In this day and age, mentors are more important than ever. Connecting with fellow dentists, and uniting in our profession, is a way to keep this channel of knowledge-sharing open for all of the new dentists coming fresh out of dental school.

What’s most important to Paul, and what you’ll learn from him today, is how crucial face-to-face meetings are. Paul wants us all to get off the computers every once and awhile and meet up, whether it’s at a lecture or a dinner party. You don’t want to get comfortable doing things just because it’s how they were done “back in the day.” There are new opportunities to learn all around us, so don’t miss out on yours! Tune in now and hear how you can connect with Dr. Paul, both online and off.

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In This Episode You Will Learn

What it’s like to own and operate dental practices in two different states 2:40

Dental slang like BADs, MADs, SADs, and other acronyms Paul uses 5:30

What it used to be like “back in the day” with dentistry 13:57

A fun icebreaker for small group activities 21:00

The groups that Paul likes to lecture to most 24:16

The hardest parts of dental school and how to work around it 33:35

One of Paul’s favorite slang terms 35:50

Why it’s time for dentists to be nice to one another 39:01

Some Questions We Discuss

How did Paul come up with the Dental Amigos Podcast? 3:19

What mentors did Paul seek out during his career? 9:55

What are Paul’s favorite analogies for the dental office? 17:34

What does “dentisting” mean? 22:05

What dental slang does Paul use in his offices? 26:14

Do you suffer from TSD? 31:30 

What are Paul’s ABCs? 36:35

How can you get a hold of Dr. Paul Goodman? 39:55 


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