Dr. Parag Kachalia talks about what's hot in dental technology

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Dr. Parag Kachalia is talking with us from the heart of Silicon Valley, and he’s sharing some serious knowledge bombs about the future of dental technology. Parag is one of Seattle Study Club’s Top 10 Young Educators, so you’re guaranteed to learn something new on today’s episode.

First, you will learn why Parag is a traveling man. Parag and his family take a trip abroad every year, but he also travels a lot for work. He hops on a plane every Thursday, he says, whether it’s for lectures on digital technology or guest speeches on restorative dentistry. He’s managed to find the balance between traveling for work and for pleasure, and he shares that secret with us today.

Other secrets are revealed in today’s episode, including where and how you can find a different kind of dental mentor. We’ve talked about mentors before on our podcast—they are the secret ingredient to your success, after all. But mentors can be more than just individuals and mastermind groups. Sometimes, where you live inspires you, which is exactly what happened for Parag.

Parag also shares his views on where dental technology is taking us. New tools and tech are starting to gather large amounts of data, but what are we doing with it? The future of dental technology lies in how we apply this new data to our dental practices. Developing artificial intelligence (AI) is one way to do it. We discuss AI’s future role in dentistry as well as all the ways dentists can work together to bridge our research, our data, and our experiences to advance the profession.

Today, the three of us create a whole new type of dentistry. You can call it daydreaming, but we think it’s more like brainstorming. Thinking about where the future of dental technology can take us is very inspiring, and Parag sees these changes influencing the way dental students learn and the way modern dentists practice. He breaks down the different generations and how we can not only teach them, but how we can market to them as well.

If you’re looking for new ways to reach your dental patients (or even your dental students), then hit play right now. The nuggets of knowledge Dr. Parag shares cannot be missed. He’s doing so much more than just solving our most common dental problems. He’s looking at the bigger picture and thinking about new ways we can grow our practices.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

What inspired Parag and his family to move out to the West Coast 3:32

The driving force that influenced Parag’s tech-savvy dental career 6:20

What it would be like to work remotely as a dentist 13:50

Parag’s experience with the Seattle Study Club 18:30

How to market to different generations of dental patients 25:40

The different slang Parag uses to communicate to patients versus what he uses with employees 31:49

Some Questions We Discuss:

How does Parag balance travel with his dental practice? 5:29

What’s hot in dental technology today? 7:57

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