Dr. David Little talks about the #1 mistake beginners make when placing implants.

Welcome back, Dental Slangers! Dr. David Little is joining us on today’s episode. David is the co-founder and Clinical Director of Little Implant Co., one of our favorite suppliers. And it isn’t just the company’s high-quality dental implants that puts it on the top of our list. It’s David’s passion for education and mentorship that inspires us.

David is what we call a “seasoned” dentist. When he’s not managing his multidisciplinary practice in San Antonio, he’s teaching live surgeries, implant procedures, and other hands-on educational programs for dentists of all skill levels. What he’s teaching dentists these days—including the both of us—makes us all want to be better clinicians, especially when it comes to dental implants.

Dental implants aren’t the niche procedure they used to be. In our opinion, they’re the future of dentistry. We can’t all do fillings and root canals forever, and David is on today to talk about how easy it is to bring implant dentistry to your practice.

Mentors are the secret ingredient to helping you learn something new. They’ve already been there, done that, and have made the mistakes so you don’t have to. David shares his own experiences with mentorship, from being the new dentist to becoming the teacher he is today.

David’s biggest piece of advice when it comes to dental implants is to keep it simple. From inventory management to discussing options with patients, simplicity is key. There’s no reason to make things more complicated than they need to be, especially when you’re doing something new. David has tips and tricks for new dentists, and we all share a few stories about how we’ve encouraged patients to try dental implants.

Getting patients to accept any dental procedure can be tricky. David knows dental implants can be a particularly hard sell at times, and he discusses ways we can overcome this. Over the years, he’s noticed dentists make the same mistakes when they introduce implants to patients, and he has a few tricks to help you avoid these mistakes in your practice.

Tune in now to find out how you can better explain complicated procedures like dental implants to patients, and how to better listen to your patients, too. We’ve all got stories to tell, and you never know when patients are going to teach you something new with one of their own dental stories.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

• What David’s been up to at his dental office in San Antonio 2:22

• The most common mistakes dentists make with implants 7:00

• Some of the questions David asks patients regarding implant procedures 17:20

• Our favorite slang terms for dental implants 23:30

• The dental slang David uses in his own office 24:55

Some Questions We Discuss:

• What’s in the “secret sauce” for success as a dentist? 5:14

• Who is Dr. Marc Nevins? 12:00

• What makes the Little Implant Co. system stand out from other dental implants? 14:05

• How can we encourage patients to say “yes” to dental implants? 16:26

• How can you get in touch with David Little? 27:38

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