Dr. Adamo Notorantonio Talks About the Blessing and Curse of Social Media

Dr. Adamo Notarantonio may be one of the most accredited cosmetic dentists in the country, but he also has another talent that we’re showcasing on this episode of The Dental Slang Podcast: photography.

If you haven’t signed up for one of the COLLIDEoSCOPE photography courses with Adamo and his partner, Dr. Amanda Seay, this podcast just might be the inspiration you need. Adamo discusses the blessing and the curse that is social media and how we, as dentists, can use it to grow our practices. That means learning how to properly use a professional camera and not just relying on our iPhones.

Social media is so much more than marketing. As a cosmetic dentist, Adamo sees Instagram as an opportunity to showcase his work and to interact with fellow dentists. He knows how to use lighting to his advantage and how to take the right kinds of photos. Of course, this isn’t a talent he developed overnight. He developed his eye for photography while earning his accreditation—and eventual fellowship—at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Studying with the AACD helped make Adamo the kind of dentist and social media guru he is today. The stories he shares with us about what he’s learned, the techniques he’s developed, and what it’s like to mentor dentists following the same path are almost enough to inspire us to head back to our fellowship courses. But what’s truly inspirational is that Adamo has managed to create a dental atmosphere that gets people excited about continuing their education.

What prompted Adamo and Amanda to create the COLLIDEoSCOPE series and other cosmetic dentistry courses? They wanted a space where they could be true to themselves. They wanted to teach cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures genuinely, without a sponsoring company calling the shots. This gives Adamo the opportunity to cover topics not directly related to dentistry, such as social media.

Don’t think for one second that dentistry is limited to teeth. Your dental career can take many paths, as Adamo shares with us today, and you never know which skills are going to be most important to your journey. Take some time to listen to today’s episode and consider continuing your own dental education, maybe starting with a course or two on photography. You never know where this path could take you!

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

• The different career paths that eventually led Adamo to dentistry 2:15

• Why Adamo chose the AACD for his fellowship and accreditation 8:15

• The blessing and the curse of social media 13:43

• How Adamo met Dr. Amanda Seay 20:04

• Adamo’s favorite dental slang words 27:45

• Where to find Adamo on Instagram 31:44

Some Questions We Discuss:

• What’s the procedure mix at Adamo’s Long Island office? 6:05

• What does the accreditation process look like at the AACD? 11:00

• Why is it so important to continue your dental education? 17:28

• What is Adamo’s favorite camera? 25:50

• Why is Adamo’s slang so blunt? 29:40

• Where can we sign up for Adamo and Amanda’s courses? 32:25

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