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Debunking common dental insurance myths with Dr. Travis Campbell

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Dr. Travis Campbell may have known he wanted to be a dentist since he was three, but he had no idea the path his dental career had planned for him. He is now recognized as the Dental Insurance Guy. No one breaks down dental insurance like Dr. Campbell.

Dr. Campbell also tells us about his new book, Understanding Dental Insurance: A Guide for Dentists and Their Teams. This is the first comprehensive text on dental insurance to date. Dr. Campbell isn’t afraid to talk about his failures. The stories of trial and error make this guide more than just a textbook. If you’re ready to learn how to communicate more fluently with insurance companies, tune into this episode.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why Dr. Campbell is weirder than most dentists

  • The hardest hurdles to jump when running more than one office

  • How the pandemic boosted Dr. Campbell’s business

  • What inspired Dr. Campbell to write the first comprehensive dental insurance guide

  • The best time to take an x-ray for an insurance claim

Questions We Discuss

  • What is it like owning and operating multiple practices?

  • How do DSOs impact the success of private dental offices?

  • How did Dr. Campbell become The Dental Insurance Guy?

  • What is the purpose of dental insurance and dental coding?

  • How does dental insurance interact with office membership programs?


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