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Updated: Feb 9

Many dentists need help with business marketing. You aren’t alone.

That’s where Cally Gedge, owner of Connect My Marketing, can help. Don’t worry — if you aren’t marketing savvy, this episode of Dental Slang is for you. Cally Gedge breaks down some key dental marketing terms, including retargeting and google pay-per-click, and discusses what different leads mean for your business.

Connect My Marketing works closely with dentists in the UK and the US to help them build a marketing strategy that works for them, their team, and their patients. It may surprise you to learn that there aren’t many differences in international marketing strategies, but Mrs. Gedge does offer ways dentists can change the way they approach social media.

Cally Gedge stays away from the generic marketing approach we see in the States and focuses more on the unique marketing goals each of her clients has. Marketing is more than scheduling posts and counting likes — dentists can find their market and deliver the right solution for their patients’ problems.

We discuss ways dentists can showcase their businesses online. The trick is to give patients a window into what goes on at the dental office. Mrs. Gedge offers strategies for pivoting your marketing approach, especially during the pandemic when patients are looking for different perspectives from their medical providers. Because marketing isn’t just data, it’s people — it’s how your team interacts with patients, how you interact with the patients in your chair, and the kind of impact you have on your community.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What happens during the first marketing meeting with Connect My Marketing 6:40

  • Connect My Marketing’s special sauce 9:05

  • How to define your market as a dental business owner 26:09

  • How important your team is to your marketing plan 35:13

  • The top three marketing slang phrases Mrs. Gedge uses in her office 42:00

Some Questions We Ask:

  • How did Mrs. Gedge get into marketing? 2:18

  • What is “retargeting” in dental marketing? 14:46

  • How did Mrs. Gedge change social media marketing strategies after COVID-19? 20:57

  • How do dentists sometimes impede their own marketing success? 39:30

  • How can you get in touch with Mrs. Gedge? 44:28


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