How to Run a Multi-Practice Dental Office with Dr. Wael Garine

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The last time we had Dr. Wael Garine on Dental Slang, we discussed non-verbal slang and prosthodontics. Dr. Garine is without a doubt a wizard when it comes to prosthetics and implant dentistry, but it’s his new role as Director of Operations at the Seattle Study Club earned him a spot on Incisal Edge Magazine’s 2021 list of most influential people in dentistry.

Dr. Garine currently owns a multi-practice in Florida and operates out of two locations. Running a multi-practice sort of fell into his lap when a friend and fellow dentist offered him his office and his patients. Owning a multi-practice not only provides more room to service more patients but also gives Dr. Garine more free time to spend his energy on what he truly loves to do: teach.

Dr. Garine always wanted to teach and help fellow dentists stay up-to-date with the latest dental tech, tools, and procedures. Seattle Study Club offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Dr. Garine has been involved with the club for 14 years and shares a few of his experiences, starting with what path led him to eventually become a director.

Seattle Study Club is a peer-to-peer learning program that brings local dentists together to learn new tricks of the trade and share their experiences with one another. Directors of the local clubs are free to develop their own curriculum to cater to the needs of the dentists in that area, and there are group-learning programs and different educational opportunities offered throughout the year. With the pandemic, many of these programs have moved online, and Dr. Garine discusses this transition and how you can get access to past speakers and symposiums.

Dr. Garine’s new role as Director of Operations allows him to continue teaching and guiding other dentists and directors, but he now also has the opportunity to bring in new speakers, new learning modules, and grow the network with even more dentists. He’s excited to share new plans with us, and some of the new slang that’s evolving within Seattle Study Club as roles and expectations are shifting around dentistry. Listen now to learn how you can get involved.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why Dr. Garine was inspired to start a multi-practice 3:12

  • The top three challenges you face when running more than one dental practice 5:11

  • How the pandemic impacts the multi-practice model 8:52

  • Dr. Garine’s new role as Director of Operations in the Seattle Study Club 20:20

  • What makes Seattle Study Club so unique for dentists 22:29

  • How Seattle Study Club moved their annual symposium content online 29:30

Some Questions We Discuss

  • How did Dr. Garine end up in southern Florida? 1:52

  • What does Dr. Garine love most about multi-practice dentistry? 4:17

  • Where is the future of multi-practice dentistry headed? 7:00

  • How Dr. Garine got involved with the Seattle Study Club? 12:11

  • How can you join or become a director of the Seattle Study Club? 16:56


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